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United States
I am obsessed with Heathers currently. Screaming the lyrics to "Blue" while I draw.


New OC
I haven't decided on a name for her yet, but this is a new OC! She's a werewolf character.
Firestar, Leader of ThunderClan
I did a dare on Facebook. Every like = 25 cats.
I expected maybe, like, one like.

Oh no, I got 8.

So now I'm drawing 200 different warrior cats.


If you want to reference this design, feel free. Just make sure to give credit c:

Watch the Speedpaint:…
I haven't drawn in Manga Studio in 5ever, so here's me drawing an old OC of mine. She was originally a warrior OC, but now she's just a regular OC named Feather. I might eventually do something with her.
Rin Beyblade Character Sheet
Rin is an OC I draw in various different anime series. The first is Beyblade. Her bey is Spiral Fox, which appears in Metal Fury. I'll draw her official character sheet soon.
Gaia Spair Character Sheet
Another character from DISABLED. She's a blind elf and is dating Rei Rossi. She's owned by my best friend <3

First off, I'll start this by saying that I'm always pretty awkward when starting these Journal Entries. I forget what to write, so I can become pretty... redundant.

I want to begin by writing that I've always had a hard time staying dedicated to one sole thing (Sole? Soul? haha), and it's sadly become a habit of mine. I get an idea, but then I begin to believe that I can't make it and that it will look terrible in the end, so I get scared and don't do it.

As you could say, people mess up in their first projects, but they learn through their mistakes. That's the thing, I'm scared to make mistakes. I want the first thing I do to be hit a hit. Be successful. When logically, the first thing I attempt to do will probably be a dud, and I just have to keep growing from there.

I have a pretty good idea that I've had since 6th grade floating around in my head. I've tweaked it so many times. I've tried to write it as a fictional fantasy story, a comic, an animation, a GAME even. But nothing has stuck. Nothing has me wanting to make it a true reality in the end. I lose hope, and I give up.

So, I've decided to go the route of an animatic. Seems pretty mundane, I know. But they say that when making something, make it for yourself before you make it for others. Sure, I have a few people who know of this story that I would love to impress, but I believe focusing on what I want it to be is the best way for now. I'm going to try the route of an animatic, and hopefully it becomes a real thing. I already have a lot of instrumental, royalty free music to use that is actually pretty good music.

I want to be able to look back at these journals to remind myself of what I'm striving to do. What I'm wanting to accomplish. So maybe one day, you might stumble upon my creation, and be able to read through these journals like myself. To experience the progress I had so slowly accomplished.

So, things I need to work on right now are:

  • Designs for side line characters.
  • Finishing my first animatic.
  • Building up my confidence in my own potential.

If I ever decided to work on anything else, it would be growing my YouTube and my DeviantArt. I'm completely computer shy; I'm scared of angering the people I look up to. So if you ever say hi, and it takes a day for me to respond, I either didn't check dA that day, or I'm very seriously trying to figure out a way to respond to you. 

I think that about wraps up this journal. I like the idea of addressing whoever may be reading this in some type of letter format, so here goes nothing.

Have a good day, anonymous.
(PS. I think I quite like the sound of that.)


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